Holistic Healing with a Nurturing Touch


             Khara Pechtes was born and raised in Los Angeles CA, specifically in Venice where she currently lives, studies, plays, and teaches.  Her clientele consist of repeat appointments for private massage including pregnancy, infant massage sessions, and post-natal yoga.  She collaborates with other wellness professionals in group classes and workshops which feature the health benefits of massage and self preservation through smart decisions & healthy lifestyles; with constant improvement and awareness of your mind and body communicating it’s needs.  Khara bases her practice on holistic healing for women and their infants, by incorporating a variety of modalities including Swedish, Shiatsu, Pre & Perinatal massage, Myofascial therapy, and Pre & Post-Natal Yoga Instruction.  She enjoys giving useful and educational tips for women who are in need of nurturing touch and or 1st time mothers experiencing extreme changes in their bodies to help prepare them for this very special time in a woman’s life with her family.

She is a UCLA graduate, receiving a Bachelors Degree in Sociology & Communications Studies.  Her experience after college and before massage includes working for large corporate establishments in entertainment, fashion and advertising including Sony Pictures Entertainment & American Apparel.  She also has worked extensively in digital project management & production including such brands as Mitsubishi, Honda Powersports, DirectTV, Lookmatic, POM Wonderful, and UCLA.  Khara enjoys the process of collaboration and creativity which make ideas a reality which ignite inspiration and innovation, leading to greater success in personal adventure and constant movement forward.

Khara’s interest in therapeutic healing through massage and bodywork was a perfect choice for her lifestyle.  Throughout her education and experience, she’s created her own style of massage and teaching that is truly unique.  She applies the same beliefs and structure of health and wellness to her own life, emitting positive energy into each session with every client.  Khara has been practicing massage since 2009, and teaching small workshops for infant massage since 2011.  In 2014 she became certified to work with infants in the NICU and continues to look for ways to heal the world one soul at a time.

Her passions include traveling, exploring other cultures, and experiencing the great traditions, history, food, and dance of other worlds near and far.  These adventures have undoubtedly taught her some of life’s greatest lessons and touched her deeply, with more appreciation, respect, and deep gratitude for the simple things in life and learning how to better enjoy ‘The Moment’.  She thrives in an environment where Mind, Body, and Spirituality are connected and possibility has no boundaries.  For Khara, art and music play a key role in cultivating happiness in her life, as well as living by the ocean breeze, drinking fruit smoothies or a glass of fine wine, while enjoying good times with friends and family.  Karma is real, spread the love through nurturing touch.

"There is one common flow, one common breathing, all things are in sympathy." - Hippocrates the father of medicine